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Our commitment to the environment

Our commitment to the environment

We believe that our establishment and our services should not generate either waste of precious resources or overproduction of pollution. This is why we have drawn up an environmental charter with the aim of preserving this exceptional environment.

This is based mainly on :

- preservation of our park and gardens
- water and energy saving facilities
- our respectful purchasing policy which promotes the economic development of our beautiful region.

This charter specifies the actions carried out and the measures taken to move towards even more responsible behaviour. It also describes a few simple gestures that will allow you to participate in our approach during your stay.

Already many benefits measure these committed actions, the alliance of beauty and respect for the environment is sustainable for your comfort and for our future generations.

In the park and gardens:

  • We create a natural heritage by planting mainly local species and plants.
  • We save water by choosing plants adapted to dry and Mediterranean gardens.


In the flats :

-Replacement of the installed light bulbs with low-energy bulbs.
-Installing sensors to ensure that the air conditioning does not operate with the doors and windows open.
-Use of eco-labelled cleaning products.
-Sorting of waste for recycling.
-Establishment of control processes for personal safety, health and food monitoring.
-Selection of environmentally friendly suppliers.
-Selection of regional hospitality products.
-Valuation of local gastronomic products.

The possible contribution of our guests :

With these few simple gestures, you can support our action if you wish:

  • Reduce the impact of wastewater pollution on our septic tank system : To reduce this pollution we invite you not to throw grease and frying oil in the sinks and to avoid throwing tampons, sanitary towels, condoms in the toilets. For this purpose, there is a bin next to the restaurant where you can dispose of your oils. Each toilet is equipped with waste bins.
  • To preserve the surrounding peace and quiet: Activate the silent mode on your telephone to respect the peace and quiet of everyone in the shared areas.
  • Save energy: When the air-conditioning is on, windows and bay windows should remain closed. Remember to turn off your air conditioning and close your shutters when you leave to maintain the correct temperature in your flats. Do not leave lights on unnecessarily.
  • Make sure everyone is in a good environment:
    It is better to smoke on the balcony or terrace than in your room.
  • Do not throw papers, cigarettes or chewing gum in the gardens.
  • Think about the selective sorting of your rubbish : Containers are available next to the Bar / Restaurant.
Respect some basic pool hygiene principles to help us maintain optimal pool water quality and avoid water waste and overuse of products.

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